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CAD-10XM: Crystal Art Festive Hanging Baubles set of 10

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Set of 10 Crystal Art Christmas Tree Baubles

Create and display your very own Crystal Art Festive Christmas Tree Baubles! These are flat, double-sided bauble and come in a set of 10 complete with ribbon, so they are ready to hang when finished. Alternatively, use them as gift tags for those extra special presents.

What's included:

  • 10 flat, double-sided baubles with different designs, 7cm diameter each.
  • All your crystals coded, corresponding to the designs.
  • 2 x Tray.
  • 2 x Pick up Pen.
  • 2 x Jelly Wax.
  • Empty bags to store your left over crystals.
  • Gold or Silver ribbon to hang your baubles when complete. 

Designs include:

  1. Santa
  2. Christmas Tree
  3. Robin
  4. Candle
  5. Candy Cane
  6. Snowflake
  7. Snowman
  8. Christmas Stocking
  9. Holly
  10. Poinsettia