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CAKC-A7: "Garden Gnomes" Crystal Art Keyring Set

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"Garden Gnomes" Crystal Art Keyring Set

  • Spruce up your keys with our "Garden Gnomes" Crystal Art Keyring Set. This set of six keyrings features charming and whimsical designs of garden gnomes, each adorned with dazzling, multi-coloured crystals that sparkle in the light.
  • Using our relaxing and fun Crystal Art technique, each keyring comes with a numbered adhesive template that makes it easy to place the crystals on the corresponding dots.
  • No special tools or materials required, and the process is simple enough for both kids and adults to enjoy. Perfect for anyone who loves garden gnomes or wants to add some playful flair to their keys or bags.
  • These keyrings also make great gifts for friends, family, or anyone who loves a bit of sparkle in their life. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or new to the world of Crystal Art, our "Garden Gnomes" Crystal Art Keyring Set is sure to provide hours of relaxation and creative fun.

Product Contents:

  • Six crystal art keyrings featuring adorable garden Gnomes designs.
  • Bagged and labelled crystals in a variety of colours.
  • One crystal pick up pen to easily lift and place crystals onto the adhesive. template.
  • One tray to hold crystals and keep them organized.
  • Gel to help crystals adhere securely to the template.
  • Bags for left over crystals to keep them safely stored.
  • Instruction leaflet to guide you through the crystal art process and ensure stunning results.

Product Dimensions:

  • Approx. 8cm x 6cm.

Age Range:

  • This product is suitable for individuals aging 8 years and above.

Note: This product doesn't come in retail packaging.

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