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King Charles Coronation Sticker

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Introducing the new King Charles's Coronation Crystal Art Sticker, an ideal way to celebrate and commemorate the occasion. Crafted by Craft Buddy, this sticker features a beautifully designed Crystal template featuring the King's coronation emblem- perfect for those who want to be a part of the celebrations.

This Crystal Art Sticker comes with a pre-glued surface featuring a clear background allowing you to mount it onto any surface or card of your choice. The sticker itself measures 17 x 25cm and is on an A5 page, making it a perfect size for use on walls, windows, furniture, and even gadgets like iPads and laptops.

Crafted with "low tac" technology, this sticker is easy to remove and causes minimal damage to surfaces, making it safe for use anywhere. Should you want to place your stickers on surfaces that will be frequently handled, we recommend using Craft Buddy Crystal Art Sealer to ensure their longevity.

The King Charles's Coronation Crystal Art Sticker comes complete with gems and tools in two options - with or without tools. With tools included, you'll have everything you need to start creating your masterpiece right away. Without tools, you can use your existing Crystal Art tools or purchase them separately from our store.

Join in the celebrations surrounding the King Charles's Coronation with the King Charles's Coronation Crystal Art Sticker from Craft Buddy.