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CCST-PR01: Peter Rabbit Crystal Art A6 Stamp Set - Tom Kitten

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Craft Buddy Looking Up! A6 Premium Stamp Set

Crystal Art stamps have been developed to compliment the Craft Buddy Crystal Art range and contain circular detail within the images which are perfectly sized to use with spare crystals from projects. They can also be used with inks, pens, drops and additional gems to create papercraft and home décor projects. 


6 polymer stamps on an A6 carrier sheet

    • Tom Kitten feature stamp
    • Flower cluster
    • Foliage flourish
    • ‘Have Fun!’ (Sentiment Stamp)
    • 'You're The Cats Whiskers' (Sentiment Stamp)
    • 'Hope Your Day Is Purr-fect' (Sentiment Stamp)



Assets are permitted to be used for creating personal and resalable items, as long as the following conditions are met:
1. Items are crafted by hand (no mechanical reproduction in any form is permitted)
2. Items are sold to raise funds for local establishments (e.g. local schools, hospitals, community centres), or for registered charities
3. Items are not sold for large-scale commercial gain (i.e. no more than 200 sold in any 12-month period)
4. Items are not promoted or sold online at any time
5. Items are not promoted or sold through retail outlets at any time
6. Items sold give credit to Craft Buddy on the back
7. Designs are not used as company logos, trademarks, or personal stationery