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"Celebration Carriage" Gift Box Die Set

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Craft Buddy presents "Celebration Carriage," a fantastic new die set for crafting exquisite gifting boxes. Use these metal cutting dies with your favourite cardstock and die-cutting machine to create bespoke Carriages for home décor, gift-giving, and all occasions. Add Forever Flowerz or utilize them as gift boxes, allowing you to personalize and craft stunning handcrafted pieces.

Minimum order x3

Product Content:

  • Carriage front base die 
  • Carriage side base die
  • Carriage floor base die
  • 2 x Wheel dies 
  • Mud guard die 
  • Step die
  • Lantern die
  • Hook die
  • Seat support die 
  • Door handle die 
  • 3 x Heart dies 
  • Rectangular panel die 
  • Decorative flourish die
  • Decorative door topper die
  • 4 x Decorative inlay dies 
  • 7 x Outer panel dies 
  • 6 x Window dies 
  • Carriage roof finial die 

Product Dimension:

  • The large die is 18.6cm x 13.9cm in size.
  • The smallest die is 1.2cm x 1.1cm in size. 

Age Range: 

  • Suitable for adults and children aged 8 and over, accompanied by an adult.