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"Festive Fireplace" 3D Crystal Art Scene

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"Festive Fireplace" Crystal Art 3D Scene🎄😺

Step into the enchanting world of festivities with our "Festive Fireplace" Crystal Art 3D Scene. 

    Product Contents:

    • Step by step instructions
    • Crystals, labelled and numbered for each section
    • Pick up pen
    • Pick up tray
    • Gel block
    • Ziplock bags for crystal storage
    • Acrylic display base with slots for each component to sit
    • Sassy Kitty
    • Fireplace
    • Christmas Tree
    • 2 x Presents
    • Christmas decorations

    Product Dimensions:

    • 18.5cm x 10cm x 25cm

    Age Range:

    • Ages 8+

    Minimum Purchase:

    • 3x Minimum order