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FF-PEOKT6COMP: Forever Flowerz Premium Peonies Kit with Stems - Vintage Edition

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Forever Flowerz Premium Peonies: makes approx 30 with Stems and Leaves: Vintage Edition


Product contents:

- Wooden handle flower making tool

- Step by step instruction leaflet

- 20 x Petal shape ‘A’ in Purple, Cream & Pink

- 30 x Petal shape ‘B’ in Purple, Cream & Pink

- 20 x Petal shape ‘C’ in Purple, Cream & Pink

- 50 x Petal shape ‘D’ in Purple, Cream & Pink

- 30 flower head stems

- 30 small basket caps

- 30 large basket caps

- 30 end caps

- 30 base leaves

- 30 long flower stems with foliage connectors (30cm)

- 60 large peony leaves

Everything you need is included in the kit to make approximately 30 flower full bloom, large Peonies and with the stems included, can make a full display straight away! The flower heads will also work with all the Forever Flowerz accessories, available form Craft Buddy.

The Peony Forever Flowerz are one of our largest and most intricate blooms, made up of four sizes of petals, you will create gorgeous realistic flowers in 3 different colours, 10 of each

- Suitable for all seasons and 5 colours of peony in the collection.

- Mixed media projects, floral and home décor displays

-Crafters of any skill level, looking to make flowers with ease and low expense!

Each flower head measures: 10 x 7cm