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"Floral Bouquet" Crystal Art Small LED Frame

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👀NEW!... Enlighten Your Space With This LED Frame💐💡

Presenting "Floral Bouquet," an enchanting panel with a captivating 'stained glass' effect, poised for crystallization, showcasing a gorgeous arrangement of vibrant and diverse flowers. This canvas is elegantly displayed in a stylish dark wood effect box frame, complete with dimmable LED strip lights that can be adjusted to two different settings.

Minimum order x3

Product Content: 

  • Wooden box frame in 'dark wood' effect
  • 'Stain glass' effect Crystal Art acrylic panel 
  • 21 x Bagged and labelled crystals
  • 2 x Pick up pens
  • 2 x Pick up trays
  • 2 x Jelly wax
  • 4 x AA batteries
  • LED light strip and control panel 
  • Bags for remaining crystals

Product Dimension:

  • This product is 17cm x 22cm in size. 

Age Range:

  • This product is suitable for individuals aging 8 years and above.