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"Magical Hogwarts" Harry Potter Paint By Numb3rs Canvas Kit

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👀NEW!... Immerse In A Mystical Creation With This Magical Hogwarts Paint By Numbers Canvas Kit🖌️🏰

Introducing the "Magical Hogwarts" Paint By Numbers Canvas Kit, a must-have for any Harry Potter fans. This 30x50cm canvas unfurls the grandeur of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry under a luminous moonlight, offering a spectacular painting-by-numbers experience.

Whether for a cosy night in or as a thoughtful gift, this Magical Hogwarts Paint By Numbers Canvas Kit is a perfect match for those who delight in the art of painting and the enchantment of Harry Potter. You're not just capturing the Hogwarts scenery; you're breathing life into a canvas that, once complete, is ready to enchant any room with its magical presence.

Minimum order x3

Product Content:

  • 1 x Pre-mounted premium linen canvas
  • 3 x Paintbrushes
  • 26 x Numbered paint pots
  • Large number guide
  • 2 x Screws and hanging hooks

Product Dimension:

  • This product is 30cm x 50cm in size. 

Age Range:

  • This product is suitable for individuals aging 8 years and above
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