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"Pretty Petunias" Forever Flowerz with stems and leaves

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👀NEW... Fabulous Forever Flowerz Premium Peonies...😍🌸

Introducing our 'Premium Peony' Forever Flowerz kit – a complete set designed for crafting 30 stunningly realistic, fully blooming flowers. 

Product Content:

  • 6 x Stems
  • 72 x  Stamens
  • 36 x Connectors
  • 18 x Petal shape ‘A’ in Yellow
  • 18 x Petal shape ‘A’ in White
  • 18 x Petal shape ‘A’ in Purple, Cream & Pink
  • 18 x Petal shape ‘A’ in Pink & Cream
  • 36 x Leaves
  • Step by step instruction leaflet

Product Dimension:

  • Each flower head measures: 10 x 7cm.

Age Range:

  • This product is suitable for individuals aging 14 years and above.

Minimum Purchase:

  • 3x Minimum order