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PUZZWD-05: Craft Buddy A3 Wooden Puzzle - CAT

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Craft Buddy A3 Wooden Puzzle - CAT

  • These precision laser cut puzzles offer a fantastic and interesting twist on the traditional puzzle. This lovely, eye-catching Cat design and intricate shapes make the process different with every piece.
  • You will receive a coded A3 ‘map’. Each piece holds a code on the back, and for ease, you can fill the map piece by piece and connect as you find fits. Or for a real challenge, discard the map and find interlocking pieces for a more challenging make.
  • The end results are stunning and there are some beautifully cut shapes for you to enjoy along the way. This puzzle comes in eco-friendly packaging too.

Product Contents:

  • This puzzle contains 241 pieces

Product Dimensions:

  • measures 23cm x 41.5cm

Age Range:

  • This product is suitable for individuals aging 6 years and above

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