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"Snow Angel" Forever Flowerz Vase Die Set

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👀 NEW!... Get crafty and make something special with this festive "Snow Angel" Forever Flowerz Vase Die Set! 🤩

Introducing our Forever Flowerz Vase die set, which has been designed to work perfectly with our Forever Flowerz range. 

Product Contents:

  • Forever Flowerz Snow Angel Flower Vase Die Set
  • Contains 6 dies
  • 1 x Flower vase base die
  • 2 x Outside edge panel dies
  • 2 x Decorative panel dies
  • 1x Vase base/rim die

Product Dimensions:

  • Packaging – 20cm x 22cm
  • Flower vase base die -19cm x 11.9cm
  • Small outside edge die – 9cm x 6.2cm
  • Large outside edge die – 10cm x 10.3cm
  • Small decorative panel die – 9.2cm x 5.5cm
  • Large decorative panel die – 9.5cm x 9.5cm
  • Vase base/rim die- 11.7cm x 11.5cm
  • Completed vase approx. 17cm tall

Age Range:

  • Ages 8+

Minimum Purchase:

  • 3x Minimum order