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"Sunrise" Forever Flowerz Orchid Collection x2

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😍NEW!... Spectacular "Sunrise" Forever Flowerz Orchid Collection...🌅🌺

These beautiful Orchids can be used in displays, vase arrangements, wire wrapped to garlands and wreaths…or even used as a stop gap to fill real orchid plants in between blooms!

Minimum order x3

Product Content: 

  • Step by step instruction leaflet
  • 2 x White pots
  • 2 x Polystyrene rounds
  • 8 x Orchid stems 
  • 4 x Support rods
  • 4 x Roots and leaf clusters
  • 22 x Pale yellow white orchid flowers to build
  • 22 x Peach orchid flowers to build
  • 44 x Flower centres
  • 4 x Butterfly clips for support rods 

Product Dimension:

  • White pots: 15cm deep, 16cm wide
  • Polystyrene rounds: 15 x 6cm 
  • Orchid stems: 50cm long 
  • Support rods: 40cm 

Age Range:

  • Ages 14 +

Minimum Purchase: 

  • 5 x Minimum order