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“Tidal Wave” Crystal Art Canvas 30x30cm

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👀NEW!... The Crystal Clear Crystal Craft🌊☀️

Presenting our stunning "Tidal Wave" Crystal Art Kit, measuring 30x30cm—a captivating crystal creation. Immerse yourself in the dynamic ocean scene, where a towering wave emerges, framed against the radiant sun and sky. The brilliance of the wave mirrors the golden hues of sunlight dancing on the water's surface, offering a mesmerizing glimpse into the power and beauty of the sea.

Whether you're a seasoned Crystal Art enthusiast or new to this captivating craft, our “Tidal Wave” canvas offers a delightful experience. Follow the numbered patterns and let your creativity soar as you bring the scene to life, one crystal at a time. The process is both calming and rewarding, allowing you to immerse yourself in the joy of creating a unique work of art.

Minimum order x3

Product Content:

  • 1 x Crystal art template, mounted on a wooden frame
  • 2 x Pick up pen
  • 2 x Grips for pen
  • Jelly wax
  • 2 x Tray
  • Coded bags of crystals
  • Ziplock bags for storage of extra crystals
  • Instruction manual

Product Dimension: 

  • This canvas is 30cm x 30cm in size.

Age Range:

  • Suitable for children aged 8 and over, accompanied by an adult.